Who We Are

Music is one of the oldest subjects in the world. Intending to render a versatile platform to the music freaks, we Raj Sound Waves Studio provides various singing classes, music instrument classes, and audio-video production courses. We are regarded as one of the leading studio and music school in Delhi. We have various students from all across the country who have joined us for the best music classes.

From Hindustani vocal classes to Western music classes to Keyboard/Piano classes to Audio-Video production courses we have various services in our pocket. Click on the services section to know more about our courses and classes.

Our Singing classes

  • Hindustani Vocals classes
  • Light Music classes
  • Western Vocal classes

Our Instrumental classes  

  • Drum classes
  • Flute classes
  • Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Tabla
  • Keyboard
  • Harmonium
  • Dholak
  • Octopod
  • Violin

We also provide facilities for music recording in our inbuilt fully furnished recording studio.  Raj Sound Waves Studio intends to transform the raw music freaks into a professional artist.

Our courses and classes are customized in such a way that anyone, irrespective of age, can join and learn music as per their need. All you need to be passionate and intense to learn and explore your inner talent. Today our taught students are among the well-known artists in the industries, making us proud all across the nation.

Meet Our Team


Fantastic Music Teacher Family

Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to providing students with an exceptional music education and bring a wealth of both teaching and performance experience to their practice.

Success-Based Lessons

Our teachers understand the need for a personalized and unique approach to learning and so tailor lessons to suit the individual needs of each student.


Enjoy live jamming and recording? We believe some brilliant music is generated when some musically talented minds sit together. Also, to capture such brilliance and moments in one go we believe in recording live jams. It saves with us the precious talents and moments. 

Come, visit and sit with us in some of our brilliant live jam sessions and enjoy how music is created effortlessly each time.