Flute class

Learn to play flute with the best teachers at RSWS. Our curriculum is specifically designed to improve your skills at any level. When you enroll in our flute learning classes, you will see how quickly you are improving. It does not matter if you have not picked up the instrument before. You want to learn, our teachers will help you throughout the session.

Reveal your hidden talent

Our specialists have the ability and skills to reveal your hidden talent. Join us to attend our innovatory flute exercise and some best musical conservation. We provide you both theoretical and practical knowledge about the flute. Therefore you can learn some technical skills and academic concepts accordingly. This course is designed to meet the individual student’s needs and concerns. Here at RSWS, we have created a musical environment that will inspire you to roll your fingers across all the notes of the flute.

Basics of Flute

You must learn to assemble it before playing the flute. This helps to keep the flute in tune. Hold the flute in your hand from the main foreman, and the rest of the level law should be on your right.

Your left hand should be near the mouth, and the other end of the flute should be towards you. Your left hand should be on the upper pores. Your right hand should be on the flute, near the lower end and folded on the other side.

Join us now and give a try to our professional course instrumental learning classes. For more information visit our website https://rajsoundwavesstudio.com/ or contact us.


Age group: Above 5 years

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