We are proud to offer the best guitar classes that will help bring out your hidden talent. Here, you can enroll in our guitar learning program to amazingly develop your guitar skills. In this course, our expert tutor will highlight deep concepts of the guitar to teach you how you can enhance your guitar learning and memorize notes to play the music you want.

Our faculty is committed to building your musical abilities. Join us to attend our innovative guitar training and some best musical conversation. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge of guitar fluctuations, you can give a try to take advantage of our guitar sessions, and we assure you that you will feel the difference yourself.

Play with perfection

When you join our guitar learning classes, you will dive into the benefits of learning and play your guitar with perfection and let people think how wonderfully you are dedicated to your guitar. At Raj Sound Waves Studio, you will learn about classical guitars, Bass guitar, rock & pop guitar with practical and academic knowledge. Our technical guitar sessions help students in an extensive understanding that progress their skills certainly. We create a musical environment that you will be inspired to play all notes of a guitar.

Here, some tips to play guitar.

Vertically, strings 1 to 6 are designed from highest pitch to lowest pitch. Horizontally, this number is based on the positions of the fret. To play these strings, chords, and pitches properly, you need to understand what makes a note major or minor or what notes and rhythm scale to play the guitar with perfection.

For instance, when the guitar is placed to your fingers on the third table, it means to keep your fingers between the second and third table. The wire should be in contact with the third cirque.

For more specific knowledge and training of guitar, you can sign up for our guitar classes and skill-up your guitar learning.

Age group: Above 5 years

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