Welcome to Raj Sound Waves Studio, we are offering professional harmonium learning courses at reasonable prices. Our expert harmonium faculty guide students with exponent instructions. The curriculum of this course is designed by professionals that help students to learn with one-on-one approaches.

This course is available for those who are willing to play the crucial building blocks of Harmonium music.

Skill up your learning

The course offers complete Harmonium training which includes playing multiple versions at various speeds, advanced level critiques and intensive techniques on equipment.

During this course, you will learn every essential theoretical and practical concerns of the harmonium. The advanced techniques shared by our specialists will boost your confidence and skills to the next level. Within this learning program, students will be skilled in the fundamentals of Classical music and Harmonium techniques. Therefore, they can command the instrument to play like a professional musician.

Including flexible lesson plans, musical conversations and exercises, our harmonium learning course is ideal for those looking for a musical hobby or to skill-up their music career.

Basics of Harmonium

Bellows harmoniums are mostly used in our country, in which the flow of air is carried continuously by hand by moving the blower back and forth. It consistes varuous notes, octaves, scales. You have to find out your scales and notes in the scale.

For more information, contact us or sign-up for our harmonium learning classes and enhance your skills in a convenient & advanced way.

Age group: Above 5 years

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