We are proud to provide a convenient solution for electronic keyboard learning with a step by step approach. Here you can develop your interest and style to play music on the keyboard. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about the instrument. When you learn from our expert facility, they will let you know all the necessary techniques which help to move your fingers on the various scales of the keyboard to play your desired music.

The course begins with how to play basic major and minor chords.

Explore your skills

Here at RSWS, we provide the theoretical & technical knowledge that will assist you to play chords, read sheets and more. So you can fluently transfer your skills from primary to the pro level. In our professional keyboard learning classes, you will know about chord inversions, keyboard fingerings, how to move fingers, and voice leading such as best tuning and how to pick up many more. This is the best way to explore your keyboard & Piano learning skills in a cost-effective way.

Here, some tips to play the Keyboard.

Keyboard classes can be enjoyable since you have so many built-in tones to set up different modes. The keyboard consists of twelve cords or keys with seven main white cords and five black cords with them called octaves. A standard keyboard consists of seven octaves and four additional keys. These twelve verses are also called notes, and it is from these notes, which form the scale. Those additional four keys are used to reconcile the seven Octaves and Scales.

Age group: Above 5 years

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