Music can help both children and adults to express their feelings and provide relaxation. Raj Sound Waves Studio provides a one-stop solution to learn musical instruments to fulfill your musical needs.

If you are looking to learn to play the notes of the piano? Your hunt will end here. We create a musical atmosphere that will encourage you to play all the notes of the piano. Find your hidden piano skills with our skilled piano faculty. In our piano learning classes, all of you are welcome. We offer a variety of piano learning formats including musical techniques, group classes, private lessons, theoretical, knowledge and more. We use the most innovative instruction methods which help our students to learn the best styles of playing the piano and improve their interests and ability.

Proficient Piano Learning

We can assure you that by joining our piano classes within a very short period of time you will find yourself how fast you are improving. If you are ready to chase your dreams to become a professional pianist, we will help prepare you. Our experts have painstakingly designed the curriculum of piano classes that makes it a better way to learn piano. Our teachers are very skilled at keeping people in mind during their lessons and teach students in a way meanwhile which they enjoy a lot.

Here, some tips to play guitar.

The piano consists of a key or chord to produce a tone. They are usually white and black. On pressing them with fingers voice is produced. The piano keyboard consists mainly of 7 white Keys, known as C D E F G A B. After B, the scale starts from C again. This means that you only have to remember these seven notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

Enroll in our courses and try a lesson that makes you feel satisfied with your pace of learning with more specific knowledge and training of piano. Visit us now and creatively skill-up your musical learning.

Age group: Above 7 years

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