We are presenting an advanced way to play the saxophone effectively. The saxophone is a wind instrument and is designed for jazz and orchestra music. If you are passionate to play this instrument then you can sign up for this course and be a part of professional saxophone learning. This is the pre-musical training in which you will discover all the necessary techniques and knowledge from our saxophone experts. This course is designed to enhance your learning skills with successive learning curves. You will find good zealous teachers here who will influence your saxophone skills from older people within a very short time.

Up-skill your learning

During this session, you will be introduced to several signature steps and interesting theoretical concepts that will help you build your confidence and skills. Therefore, you will know how easy it is to operate this instrument if you play it with the correct technique and correct correlations of finger dots. This step-by-step learning program will inspire you to learn new skills in a little time, so you will not give-up in the middle of the course. We assure you that you will know all pros and cons of saxophone, earlier than you think.

Overview of Saxophone

At the very beginning, you need to assemble the reed, mouthpiece, and ligature. Then the proper finger positions to play and safely handle your instrument. Saxophones are normally built of brass and are played with a single-reed mouthpiece. Saxophones have holes that are pressed systematically to perform the desired sound notes.

Age group:- Above 8 years

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