Tabla classes

Take tabla lessons from the best tutors to develop your creative talent. At RSWS, you will be introduced to many amazing tabla techniques that have built your confidence and skills. Our teachers have years of experience that will provide you with interactive lessons and advance learning from beginner to advanced in a very short period of time.

Achieve your goals

If you are looking to become a tabla specialist, this course is the perfect solution to meet the learning needs that prepare you physically and mentally for the tabla artifact. The syllabus of this course is designed to give kick starts to pursue a career in the classical music industry. On the other hand, if you wish to know tabla as your hobby, then you can join. We assure you that you will enjoy and learn to the fullest with all the skills to play this instrument. You can play tabla solo or also collaborate with other students. Our experts will introduce you to some special theoretical concepts and discuss many incredible styles to play Taal.

An Overview of Tabla

The tabla duo is used to provide the vocals and instrumental music of Hindustani music and accompaniment to many dance styles of North India. The hard rhythms of Hindustani music are also played with great proficiency on the tabla.

If you want to learn the tabla with great efficiency and reach the advanced level of tabla playing, sign up now. We assure you that this course will soon test your hidden talent and enable you to play your desired tabla tune.

Age group: Above 5 years

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